Defending God's Anointed [Part 1] - Apostle T. Wutabwashe

Purpose of The Blog Article: This blog article will teach you the nuggets from scripture of protecting the anointing that works for you.

This is the most important principle that a person who is living under the anointing must strive to do. To defend the anointing as Apostle T. Wutabwashe usually says cannot surely be possible but you can defend the man of God upon whom the Anointing resides. 

People must not talk bad about the Anointed Man Of God in your life, our father Apostle Pride Sibiya who is the set man within Glory Ministries - in your presence and you remain quite. The lesson will teach you how you can defend the Anointing and The Anointed.

If God in His sovereignty and Power needed Michael the angel in charge of war in heaven, means that there is some secret in defending the Anointing. God could just deal with Lucifer easily ad His creature but He gave the duty to the archangel Michael.

In Genesis 14:14 Abraham had an army born from his house who were to defend him yet he had a blessing that whosoever curses him God would curse. You cannot develop until you develop defense. True love develops defense first before anything else. Whoever attacks your feeding area attacks your diet.

How Do You Defend Anointing?

Make your Father prod of your achievement: Psalms 127 says that children are an inheritance and reward to the parents. As arrows in the hands of the mighty man... they don't make the man mighty but they need the man to be mighty. If David had not killed Goliath, Jesse would have not have appeared in the scriptures. Saul started to look for David after he had killed Goliath and was known to be the son of Jesse. So the sons must defend the fathers even by their labour, skills, expertise in all areas. Be proud to let people know you are a son or daughter of Apostles Pride and Anna Sibiya.
Defending God's Anointed [Part 1] - Apostle T. Wutabwashe
Defend the anointing by giving or partnering: Philippians 4:5. The true sons and daughters of the apostle are those who faithfully tithe to God and partner with the Anointing and the work of God. Let your giving be different from all others because your are defending what you believe.
Luke 6:38; Malachi 3:10; 2 Corinthians 8:1f
Extracted From Home Groups By Apostle T. Wutabwashe Heartfelt International Ministries
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