Anointing Has No Distance Limit ... Testimonies From The Sons Of Apostle P. Sibiya

This past Sunday, Capetown Pastor - Prophet Brian Mundopa called our father the General Apostle Pride Sibiya during the service and our father prayed over the phone.

As he prayed demons started manifesting over the phone. And people were delivered, some falling down because of the power, just over the phone. In Durban the queen of the coast manifested saying ndikuda kuona Sibiya wacho iyeye. (Our father has been teaching on marine spirits lately, exposing them)

What more to those who have direct access to him everyday, those who physically see him and talk to him? The anointing upon our father is so great. If we all could understand most of the things we are praying to receive from God are in our father. We just have to receive by faith... even through a phone call. Those who usually get close to them (our parents), let us not be familiar because it waters down the anointing.

I am reminded of a clear vision that a certain lady from my assembly had a week ago ... Amongst other things she was told not to be afraid because ''Apostle is with you''... She said she then saw our father like he was physically watching over her. She said she was told, do you know Apostle Sibiya knows you and is praying for you? She was then asked why she removed the ministry calender that was on her wall. That calender, she was told, was protecting her because it was prayed for.

In 2005 I was called to cast a demon from a certain sister. I tried to call Overseer S. Masenyama International because I was afraid to go on my own. Those days madhimoni airova vanhu ... But because it was an urgent matter I said to myself let me just rush. Surprisingly as I just opened the door of the house the demon cried saying ''urikudei pano iwe mwana waSibiya''. I have grown to understand that in the spirit the issue is not about our names but whose son/daughter are you?

Lets honor the grace upon our parents. We are what we are today because of the grace upon them.
Anointing Has No Distance Limit ... Testimonies From The Sons Of Apostle P. Sibiya
Dp Mike Zvimba
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