The Spirits That Wreck Relationships - Apostle Pride Sibiya

A few years ago a lady was brought to me. I asked what she wanted me to pray for and she said that she just needed a general prayer. As we laid hands she manifested male voices saying, “She is our wife, we will not go!”

She did not know she had these spirits. But she knew that the way she entered and exited relationships was not normal. We prayed and the spirit hubby said it was responsible for the “sleep” whenever he wanted sex.

Let’s look at the effects of spiritual spouses.

1. Rejection: No one wants to associate with you especially the people who are interested in marrying you. Many men and women ask for prayer for marriage and when I do so spirits manifest to declare they will never be married because they ward off would be suitors.
The Spirits That Wreck Relationships - Apostle Pride Sibiya
Thank God for the blood of Jesus they are set free.

2. Sickness and misfortune: I prayed for a lady who on the day she was to be married, the man did not show up. As she manifested the spirits said they had hit the guy and his mouth got disfigured.

The relatives of the guy took him to a sangoma where he was told it was because of the lady he wanted to marry.

3. Disputes:
Some disputes in married couples arise because as the spouse is speaking to you, the person of the same sex with your spouse uses your mouth to speak back.

Women behave like men to their husbands and men behave like they are women to their wives. A lady got married and while at their honeymoon the husband touched her. She – with a stern face – looked at him in rebuke saying, “How can a man touch another man, are you homosexual?”

4. Low sex drive:
Usually people affected by this spirit have sexual problems because the spirits have sex with them and the time they want to sleep with their spouses their sexual strength is already gone.

5. Looseness: Some spirits, in an attempt to destroy prospects of you finding a marriage partner, set loose your sexual instincts. Some become womanisers or prostitutes. I cannot remember any person from this class I prayed for and did not manifest.

6. Extreme sexual dreams:
I could spend days talking about effects of these spirits but the big issues is your deliverance.

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