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In a truly healthy church, what one "principal qualification" of its leaders proves absolutely vital—yet is most often overlooked? Friendliness, perhaps? A vibrant personality? Or even people skills?" 

While all prove beneficial," attests world-renowned pastor, author and evangelist Dag Heward-Mills, "the sometimes surprising, yet critical component is loyalty"—that permeating attitude of faithfulness and authenticity which stands as "the very foundation of discipleship."
The Eight Stages Of Rebellion And Result - Apostle Pride Sibiya

Bishop D.H Mills has enlightened us.

1. Independant spirit: You just feel you need your space and the load of your leaders, the way they pick into your life is just too much. You do not feel obliged to follow laws and protocols of your church. When we say we fast on Friday, you say, I fast on Monday...while others go for camp, you just remain.

2. Offence: Matthew 24:10 You just feel unfairly treated, offended by everything in church even things that you used never to find offence in.

3. Passivity:
After being offended you just become do not involve yourself much in church just sit and watch in Church. As pastor preaches and all enjoy, you just sit and watch. Jeremiah 48:10b, 2 Sam 13:22

4. Critical stage: You notice and magnify every fault in Church. You become an analyst. Every church has its faults but you talk as if all others are better...including the one you left saying it is bad. Numbers 12:1. As pastor is preaching you are busy saying,"pliz just summarise and conclude!"

5. Political stage: You try to involve others in your ideas, philosophies and bitternesses. You campaign against the church and make a group of like-minded people where you discuss church's and leaders' weaknesses. You convince people you know the real problem and it must be addressed. You show yourself as the voice of the voiceless! Kikiki! Your, "let's pray for our pastor" has changed the spirit behind. You speak like you aare concerned: how did you find the service? For me a bit dry! A lot of people are leaving the church...
2 Samuel 15:6

6. Deception: You see yourself as the people's think everyone with you is for are now greater than your superiors...John 13:16. Smith Wiggleswoth raised more people from the dead that Jesus, yet is still lesser than Jesus! Prov 30:17

7. Open rebellion: After you are fully confident that you have support, you openly rebel before your group waiting for them to do the same. Rev 12:7, 2 Samuel 16:11, Matt 26:47,48.

8. Execution stage: All rebels in the Bible end with execution. Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft(1 Sam 15:23) and the fate of a witch is death(Exod 22:18).
All these rebels face/d execution: Lucifer(Rev 12:9); Absalom(2 Sam 18:15); Ahithophel(2 Sam 17:23); Shemei(1 Kgs 2:46); Adonijah(1 Kgs 2:25); Judas (Matthew 27:5)

Be very careful of this very dangerous spirit of rebellion, it leads to execution!!!

Love you, praying for you.

Apostle Pride Sibiya
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