Beware - The Four Spirits Associated With Festive Seasons Like Christmas ...

1. SPIRIT OF OVERSPENDING. Jesus was on a visit to a wedding at Cana of Galilee. To Him it was just one visit in his homestead. It coincides with the depletion of wine.

Normally the wedding planners would have resorted to other refreshments, and that is normal. Wine yapera saka toita zvemaheu nemvura! But Mary, His mother, knows very well that among His company is a treasurer called Judas. She approaches Jesus , not for a miracle, but for a financial rescue. To Jesus , wine represents His blood. 

That's why he tells Mary that His time was not yet come. To Mary , Jesus is loaded with money. He has to do something. In other words: THIS IS A WEDDING PARTY, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH OVERSPENDING! Alas, the wedding shall soon be over. The festivities shall soon be history. What will be reality is the fact that somebody overspent and is now bankrupt. 
Beware - The Four Spirits Associated With Festive Seasons Like Christmas ...
May the Lord guide you so that you will overcome the spirit of overspending this season. 

This reminds me of the Babylonian King Belshazaar. King Belshazaar was partying, in festive mood , with his family and friends. Suddenly , for some reason, an idea runs into his head to go and take the golden, bronze and silver vessels of the House of God and use them in his pagan feast. It sounded so normal to him and all those surrounding him. A hand came and wrote in an inscription that only Daniel could decipher: "Your reign is finished(over)". 

Haaa, brethren, if you have a portion that belongs to God it should be taken to God's house where it belongs. If tithe belongs to the house of God, I should take it to where it belongs. If my regular pledge was for the House of God , I would rather take it to where it belongs. 

Lord help us to remember that it is really a spirit that lures us into using the things of the Lord in my personal pleasures during festivities. May your reign not cease because of this anomally. May the Word of God that says you are royalty continue to speak to you even after the festivities. In Jesus' name.

3. SPIRIT OF DISPLACEMENT. Persian King Ahaserus holds a 180 day feast. Oh , I can imagine the mood, almost half a year of feating! Queen Vashti also made a feast on the sidelines for women. The King's heart was merry with wine and he orders the people around to bring the queen before the king, wearing her royal crown. Vashti was supposed to model in front of the partying people. In other words she was to display herself in an immodest way. She refused to come. Problem! 

That was enough grounds for her displacement. She had to be replaced by Esther , a foreigner! This is one spirit that comes with festivities. You discover most people will lose their jobs , their marriages, their positions, etc after the festive holidays. 

May the Lord bless us to escape the SPIRIT OF DISPLACEMENT in Jesus' name. 

4. SPIRIT OF SHOW-OFF. King Hezekiah is visited by visitors from Babylon. He takes the visitors through the whole palace and displays all the treasures , the armoury , etc, TO STRANGERS! This is the spirit grips most of us during festivities. We want to show off everything, including the most sacred of our possessions. This creates avenues for the enemy to penetrate. May the Lord help you so that you may escape from the spirit of show-off. May these four spirits not pursue you during this festive season. More Grace.
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