A Must Read - How To Deal With Spiritual Spouses By Apostle Pride Sibiya

A few years ago a lady was brought to me. I asked what she wanted me to pray for and she said that, she just needed general prayer. 

As we laid hands she manifested and male voices showed up:"she is our wife, we will not go!" She did not know she had these spirits but just saw the way she entered and exited relationships was just a bit not normal.

We prayed and 4 goblin-spirits (zvikwambo) manifested and told us they slept with her every night. She later testified that every night she dream 4 faceless man sleeping with her and she would wake up so tired...ladies you can imagine! She got delivered and is now married. This story is one among many and shows how many are suffering silently.
A man as old as 35 would not even "look" at a lady insisting he first had to put his life in order, yet every night had a woman who was using him sexually such that he had no need for "another wife."

A spiritual spouse is a spirit that betrothes itself, marries you, or claims you spiritually that you belong to it in terms of marriage. It fights of any attempt by a human being to be in love with you...it fights tooth and nail to keep you its own...while you go around telling people you are single, in the spirit you will be married!

Types of spiritual spouses!

1. Goblins, Zvikwambo - when someone gets this spirits it asks for 2 things: blood and a spouse. The owner then calls your name in the spirit and tells the spirit that you belong to it. Sometimes you dream wedding a faceless man.

2. Avenging Spirit (Ngozi) - when someone especially unmarried, is killed by a member of your family the demons representing the person claim that the women/men in the clan are theirs since they were not given a chance to marry. I prayed for a family in which the whole household's ladies were heard having sexual sounds every night from one spirit from mother, daughters and daughters-in-law. Help us Jesus!

3. Mubobobo ("Sexual Bluetooth) - this happens when someone feels for you sexually but cannot or will not approach you the normal way so they use traditionally medicated means to sleep with you whilst you are awake or asleep. A lady would just sleep at any moment of the day for just 5 minutes, dream sex and wake up having wetted herself. We prayed and the spirit hubby said it was responsible for the "sleep" whenever he wanted sex...the man is living!

Will share more on another platform. Let us move to effects!

A Must Read - How To Deal With Spiritual Spouses By Apostle Pride Sibiya
What spiritual spouses cause!

1. Spirit of rejection. Noone wants to associate with you especially the people who are interested in marrying you. Many men and women ask for prayer for marriage. When I pray, they manifest and spirits step up to declare they will never be married coz they ward off would be suitors. Thank God for the blood of Jesus, they are set free!

2. Sickness and misfortune especially to people who serously want to marry you. I prayed for a lady who on the day she was to be married, the man did not show up. As she manifested the spirits spoke and said they had hit the guy and his mouth got disfigured. The relatives of the guy took him to a sangoma and were told it was because of the lady he wanted to marry. He took of from the marriage thing like Usain Bolt!

3. Disputes in married - Couples because as the spouse is speaking to you the person of the same sex with your spouse uses your mouth to speak back. Women behave like men to their husbands and men behave like they are women to their wives. A lady got married and when they were at honeymoon and the man wanted to touch her, she looked at him sterningly and rebuked him, "how can a man touch another man, are you a homosexual?" Eish

4. Low sex drive - usually the sex life of people affected by this spirit experience sexual problems because the spirits have sex with them and the time they want to sleep with their spouses their sexual strength is already gone.

5. Looseness - Some spirits in the attempt to destroy prospects of you findind a marriage partner set loose your sexual instincts. Some become womanisers or prostitutes. I do not still remember any person from this class I prayed for and did not manifest.

6. Extreme sexual dreams
I could spend 2 more days talking about effects of these spirits but the big issue is your deliverance.

How to be delivered!
1. Receive Jesus Christ NOW: Jesus come into my heart, be my Lord and Saviour!
2. Declare with your mouth that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.
3. Declare the Word of God quoting scriptures and by the power of that word speak to that spirit to leave you. Be with someone at a safe place because manifestations may start right then.
4. Continue in prayer fighting against the spirit or seek the help of a servant of God.
5. Go to church and get more prayers
6. Get more info. I suggest my Deliverance Manual and other deliverance notes for more information.

Remember, I am praying for you. These enemies you see today, you shall see them no-more, in Jesus' Mighty name!

About The Author (2015)
Apostle Pride Sibiya is an author and speaker. He founded Glory Ministries (www.glorymin.net) in 2018. The ministry has grown into a multi-faceted international outreach which reaches many nations. Apostle Pride Sibiya has authored numerous books other books including "How To Overcome Spiritual Spouses!, The Cell Group System, Let's Talk About Sex Babe and Why Should I Go To Church." He and his wife Anna Sibiya live in Zimbabwe, Greater Harare with their three daughters.

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