Ministry Witchcraft.

Many pastors have succumbed to Ministry Witchcraft. Here we are not speaking about people having charms to bewitch each other. But this is witchcraft of attitude and has killed many pastors and those in ministry. I want you to run through the following attitudes and see how many people are being killed in terms of their functionality.

1. Fellow pastors celebrate when one falls into sin. There are no support mechanisms to encourage such person.
Falling is not ultimate failure.
2. Fellow pastors celebrate when one is disciplined or excommunicated from the fellowship.

3. Fellow pastors enjoy seeing you facing ministry challenges and not making it in ministry. When you are going through hard times they say you don’t have God.

4. Fellow pastors wish you ‘bad luck’ in ministry and even celebrate when you enter into a mishap like an accident or death. Senior pastors use sharp and harming words in the name of grooming juniors.

5. Fellow pastors celebrate when your members leave you to join them or other ministries. They claim you are ‘missing it brother’.

6. Fellow pastors go on a materialistic show off gala with competition attitudes such that they want to inflict pain in you because you are not ‘blessed’ as they are. Materialism has killed many pastors as they seek to ‘beat’ that other one.

7. Close friends in ministry suddenly become enemies when one of them decides to join another ministry or start a ministry.

8. Big brother attitude in which some pastors seem to know it all and take other pastors as second hand people. They claim they are more used than others.

9. Fellow pastors set traps for you that they can even allow them to be used of the devil such that you are trapped. Have you ever set a sexual trap (sending a lady so that your fellow pastor falls) or financial trap (you try by all means that your fellow pastor steals money so that you celebrate) for you fellow pastor? You under ministry witchcraft.

10. Fellow pastors don’t assist each other so that we both develop as a team. Pastors would rather help ‘believers’ not fellow pastors. There is inherent ‘security threat’ which bars people to develop and motivate each other.

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