How To Overcome Water (Marine) Spirits

"Am I the sea or the monster of the deep that you put me under guard...may those who curse curse that day, those who are ready to arouse Leviathan...Can you pull Leviathan with a fishhook or tie him down with a rope ... In that day the Lord will punish ... Leviathan the gliding serpent, Leviathan the coiling serpent, he will slay the monster of the sea." (Job 7:1, 3:8, 41: 1, Isaaih 27:1). 

The Bible is full of references that show that there are spirits that inhabit the waters. Marine spirits are spirits that originate from the waters. They are more dangerous than what people think. 

These spirits are prevailed over by a feminine-like, wicked, spirit called the queen of the coast/sea/ocean. In appearance it is like a beautiful, fair and light skinned with a human top and fish-like bottom. When on the earth she can walk in the appearance of a normal human being. these spirits tame God-gifted people in order to use their gifts by luring them with promises of much wealth. Mweya yepasi pemvura inoti tinokupa mari zhinji(promise lots of money).

These are some of the things they do:

1. Distract people’s attention from serving God. As I was preaching on a Friday night a lady just arose and started running away. She was hearing voices telling her that this is not her place she had to vacate the place. When you got hold of her she manifested water spirits. Beware of hating God, the Church and all that is good even your own working for God.

2. Build fake churches to pull people from the truth. I am so sorry to say this but there are some churches that are not really being led by the Holy Spirit.
How To Overcome Water (Marine) Spirits

3. Engineers accidents to fill their marine blood banks e.g. the Bermuda Triangle. This area, many aeroplanes have totally disappeared into the sea and many lives lost. Emmanuel Eni a former marine satanists, contends that when you go into the water world you meet these people.

4. Marry people therefore preventing people to marry on earth. Marine spirits promise people a lot of wealth but it goes with laws. You will never be married or you will not bear children. This is because you have to sleep with many people, and take as mush sperm as possible to their sperm banks where they help they workers with kuwuchika (making babies spiritually for barren people)

5. Causes people to have excessive fear or love (like bathing) of the water. Some people often feel dizzy when at water bodies while others actually some get into a frenzied ecstatic mood. Some also fear even the rain, swimming pools, while other take hours bathing.

 6. Cause you to become a  very powerful spiritist, spirit mediums or witchdoctor. Whether you believe it not, in Africa there are witchdoctors who stay under the water for between 6 months to 2 years. These are known as the most powerful of all witchdoctors. When a person is taken by a mermaid, people, in Africa, are called on never to cry but sing a celebrate. After many months the person comes back as a witchdoctor.

7. Take peoples pregnancies and takes babes to water world. They then manufacture their own. They have sex with people in dreams to fill their sperm banks. Most women who are barren on earth have babes in the water world, no wonder why though they have no children here, they dream lactating and milking babes.

8. Break marriage specifically by adultery/fornication. They are provided with the latest fashions manufactured by their designers. Girls from the water world have supernatural and exaggerated seductive influence over men who are not in Christ. A certain lady boarded a bus in which I was in. every man became silent until the time she alighted. Every man spoke of how they would dream of making love to her. Years later I met her at a crusade and asked to be delivered from a marine spirit.

9. Tempt men/women of God. They do this through ladies which dress seductively e.g mermaid skirts, mini-skirts and the like. Make people speak lustful words and if you meet a person from the water world without Holy Spirit power you can easily open your zipper and jump at them.

10. Cause people to watch pornography. Do you think people make these things just to entertain you? They are on a mandate from satan to cause dissatisfaction in marriages and relationships.

11. Send alien spirits. These spirits possess people making them to act English, like water, groom themselves like mermaids e.g mermaid skirts. some African witchdoctors possessed by marine spirit surprisingly do their traditional work in English and are clad and act like white people.

12. Raise Satanists which have one agenda. Having delivered many satanists I now know that their greatest agenda is to fight the Christians. Some have told me how they were sent to personally kill me or frame issues against me. After failing on her agenda to sleep with me, one satanists phoned me and told me, "I have failed and will be demoted. You may have overcome me, but I promise you many more are coming." If you are a Christian never give up on God, maybe these spirits are attacking you.
13. Ungodly dreams e.g. in water, with mermaids. Do you usually dream being taken into water, walking under the water, partying with beautiful men and ladies who have a fish tail?

14. Give powers to satanic priests which then send the same to witches and cultic houses. Have you ever heard of the marine Ghanian giant who claims to be a dispenser of power even to some so-called men of God?

Raise satanic music which makes instant success and gives the celebrities success, fame and wealth.Raise satanic fades.

How to overcome the spirits?

Burn all things which depict her, films, pictures and cartoons. film-makers for instance, know what they are doing to your children as they watch cartoon marine movies or cartoons that venerate witchcraft.
- Burn all things that are from her: ungodly concoctions. Satanic concorction given from the workers of the Queen of the Coast should be destroyed.

- Stop visiting her workers like fake white-garments, fake Pentecostals and witchdoctor.

- After receiving Jesus Christ denounce the spirits audibly and publicly in the name of Jesus.

- Seek deliverance from anointed man or women of God if need be.

- Live under the Lordship of Jesus.

N.B: We have been made victors by Christ over. "It is you who split open the sea by your power, you broke the heads of the monster in the waters. It is you who crushed Leviathan ...You crushed the the heads of the sea serpents and gave food to the creatures of the desert." Psalm 74:13-15

All the satanic spirits in the name of Jesus and we can be safe from all these by fully obeying. God. Claiming victory without the accompanying act of obedience does not help. We are morethan victors, amen!

By Apostle Pride Sibiya

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