How Do I Know I am Oppressed By Demons? Apostle Pride Sibiya Explains The 14 Signs!

One day I prayed for a very modern, smart and well-to do lady of the 21st century. She manifested serious demons. After she woke from the ordeal she wept bitterly. 

I asked why, to which she responded that she had never considered that a person of her caliber could be possessed by demons. Did she think that demons are for the poor? The rural folk? Those dark in complexion? Those from the ghetto? The uneducated? many still have this way of thinking. Here a 15 signs that may suggest that you are either possessed or oppressed by demonic spirits:

1. Un-explainable backwardness or non achievement You are educated and wise, healthy and always your things fall apart a minute to your major break-through. You cannot even explain why you can get through a certain level of success in life. People with lesser qualifications do, juniors are now ahead, your boss hates you for no reason, you get sick when you are due for promotion or when you get paid!

2. Spiritual galloping. Constant, exaggerated moving up and down spiritually. Everybody will have their ups and downs spiritually obviously but not to this extent. I prayed for a man who fainted. He had consonantly refused that there was God. He manifested and after the manifestation he told me that he saw a man measuring over 30 metres tall who came to him with a Bible and introduced himself as Jesus Christ. Some spiritual galloping is spiritual.

3. Habitual unexplainable barrenness or miscarriages. You go to a doctor they try all physical tests and they say everything is well with you but you can't just have the baby. Usually there will be marine spirits taking your babies.
How Do I Know I am Oppressed By Demons? Apostle Pride Sibiya Explains The 14 Signs!
4. Astral projection. This means travelling outside your body not by the Spirit of body. This is what witches do every night. Magicians also do this so that they can suspend things in the air. Please know that magic is not of God.

5. Extreme behaviours
- Fear of darkness, water bodies, domestic animals and height
- Ill feelings towards people which causes stubbornness or moodiness.

6. Dreams and nightmares. Such dreams if they happen constantly should bother you:
- Being fed whilst asleep- air world
- Swimming which may be followed by fear of water bodies – water world
- Masquerade after you, snakes, dogs and mad people – madness and dull brains
- Snakes pursuing you – snake world
- Woman giving gifts – witchcraft
- At graveside eating flesh- witchcraft
- Departed relative giving herb/cloth – witchcraft
- Being tattooed/ incisions – varied
- Having leeching pockets – poverty
- Carrying basket – basket brain, dullness, lack of memory
- Pregnancy, nursing and feeding baby or thing especially breastfeeding.
- Nakedness in dream-spirit of shame.
- Extreme sexual dreams
- Flying and meeting at certain locations.
- Constant cooking and feeding in dreams.
Spiritual spouses and witches are real.
7. Constant suicide, death thoughts. Everyone will at sometime think about death and the afterlife. However generally people desire to live hence God even gave them an instinct of and for survival. to find a person constantly thinking of killing themselves or dead, hearing voices calling them to cross the river Jordan, dead relatives calling them is very demonic.
8. Unexplainable sickness
- Defies therapy
- Particular time
- After particular event, dream or visiting some place.

9. Hallucinations and hearing voices. If the voices are not being cause by a purely psychological or psychiatric problem or are voices fro God, they are of the devil.

10. Mysterious disappearance of property. Some people mysteriously lose property especially their undergarments.

11. Emotional imbalance
- Depression (1 Samuel 16:14 & 31:4), Guilt (Acts 8:23), Temper (1 Samuel 19:10), anger
- Resentment, hatred, superiority/ inferiority complexity,
- Pride, confusion, memory failure, etc

12. Inability to love man/ woman or maintain affairs unexplained and continuously. You are old enough to be married, are normal yet you hate to be in love or you do like it but can never seem to be successful in that area for no apparent reason.

13. Inexplicable, continuous deaths which may follow a pattern. For some, every August a person has to die in the extended family. For some it is a different month. The deaths may follow the same pattern. A man who had 21 children lost 14 sons in 14 years. The children then discovered that he had taken demonic herbs to enhance his own wealth at the expense of his children.

14. Strange reactions. Some children act like monkeys. Probably it may be because of  a film they watched or it could actually be a spirit. some act like foreigners when they are locals. The vazungu shave (English Alien Spirit) causes even hard-core African to drink loads of tea, dress like the whites, act and live like them and speak fluent foreign languages without having learnt them.

It is very important for you to know that though you may be under demonic influence, the answer was already provided on the cross of Jerusalem, Israel where Jesus Christ hung and through it defeated all spirits that are against you. To access help, receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour now then look for deliverance: "Lord Jesus, you are my Lord and Saviour, forgive me my sins and help to to be strong in you and to be fully delivered. I pray this in Jesus' name. Amen.

Please go to church and ask for help. Keep reading my article because they will help you so much to stay demon-free.

By Apostle Pride Sibiya.
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