4 Basic Types Of Preaching

There are many types of preaching in the world today, and though these can be singled out, some of them are so intertwined that it can be very hard to distinguish. Here I will allude to a few major ways and just give very brief explanations.
Matthew Ashimolow.
a) Expository preaching
Expository preaching is a preaching aimed at revealing a deeper meaning of a Bible texts or something. This is done by choosing a large chunk of Biblical text like the whole book in the Bible then go through it teaching the whole truth by going verse by verse so that people may get an exposure of the Biblical truth. This system makes use of exegesis which is the process of explaining scripture from within itself. Opposed to this is the concept of eisegesis which is a process of interpretation based on bringing your own ideas into the text.

b) Topical preaching
Topical teaching/preaching is based on first having a topic then having scriptures that support that particular topic. One may begin by thinking that they want to teach on salvation, baptism or giving. They then look for various scriptures in line with the topic but it is mainly hinched on the topic. A topic may have many sub-topics and communicated in series-form, such that a teacher may go for a week, month, or even up to a year with one main topic and many sub-topics to fully explore the main topic.

c) Textual preaching
Textual teaching/preaching is done when a speaker decides to stand mainly on the Biblical text. He/she chooses a very small portion of scripture or statement and thoroughly does research on it in order to bring very deep truths and facts about it. Prayer to God for illumination is critical. In this kind of presentation you go beyond what everybody sees on the text. You first of all, look at varied Bible translations. After this you do very deep linguistic (language) and word studies including syntax(), gramma(), lexical() and other studies. Also look at the history, geography, culture and other aspects of the text.

d) Biographical preaching
Biographical teaching/preaching is when a preacher speaks God’s message based on the life history of a Biblical character e.g Enock, Joseph, Ruth, Huldah, Job, Mary, Jesus or Paul. When you choose a biblical character study the background of the person, upbringing, meeting with God, successes and failures, and a lot of other things that can help you in the Christian life(Gerald Rowlands “Prepare a Sermon” in Ralph Mahoney The Shepherd’s Staff ,D13 p144).

Preaching must be sound and powerful when one gets the chance to stand before the saints to minister in vocal preaching. In this ministry we expect preachers of conviction and people who preach sound doctrine not as if they were taught by man but with clear knowledge and conviction that what you are saying is God’s word.

By Apostle Pride Sibiya
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