Women - The First Thing That A Husband Needs

A woman may misunderstand a man. Because men talk a lot about sex, women think that men just need sex in a relationship. Correct but wrong!

Correct because every normal man thinks about sex. Infact a healthy middle-aged man thinks about sex not less than 30 times a day. Wow!

The wife should also know that the man has a different need all-together. Men need honour.

What is to honour?
To honour is to respect, give credit, give tribute, admire and esteem highly. It is apparent that women must therefore submit themselves to their husbands.
Women - The First Thing That A Husband Needs
When are desperate to have their wives honour them. This is not because they just want to. It is because this is how God created them. So a man needs, not wants, honour. A want is something you can live without, an added luxury of life but you cannot live without a need. When men feel that they are not being respected, usually there will be fights, as the man tries to prove to the wife that he is the father of the house while the woman resists “being controlled.”

Women can easily control their families by just submitting to their husbands. Sadly most do not and destroy their own homes. If ever you want to demoralise or destroy your husband, tell them that, “you are not a man enough!” How do I honour a man?

Dear ladies, you have been created with greater discernment, greater wisdom and greater enduring strength. That is why God made you a man's helper. a helper is stronger than the helped! You may be more influential, more wealthy or more educated than your husband but submit yourself to your husband. To submit means, "to put yourself under the mission of your husband." To be under does not mean to be oppressed.

Daughters, I love you. Tell me what you think.

Apostle Pride Sibiya.
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