MUST READ! 6 Wrong Models Of Pastoral Leadership.

If you have never read this, how are you leading? Are you involved in the work of Christian leadership? Do you know that you may be doing ministry the wrong way? Here are a few wrong models of doing pastoral ministry work vis-a-vis the correct one.
1. The Policeman Model
The pastor is like a policeman who is always out to find criminals.
Pastors are not to act like law-enforcers.
He/she is always looking out in the congregation for trouble-makers...obviously because every church has its own bell-heifers. A bell-heifer is an ox renowned for leading the flock away. There will always be church members like that in church. There is always a temptation to hunt them down.
As a pastor, do not be a constant searcher of faults.
If you are always on the look-out to find criminals, you will find them. The Church is not a battalion but a well of love. Love people and encourage them, that is the Jesus model. Encouraging people works better than hitting them down (1 Peter 5:1-4).

2. Hired Shepherd Model
A hireling is someone who is hired to tend the sheep in exchange for money.
The Bible is often used as a purse.
When he/she finds greener pastures or danger impends he/she flees leaving the flock (John 10:11-13). In 2008 things were so hard economically in Zimbabwe that many pastors left their young churches for greener pastures. some "advised" me to do the same but I could not. The Jesus model is that you are not a servant but a bond-servant, a joint-heir with Christ.
3. C.E.O Model
This type of a pastor works behind closed doors. He is a rare commodity and not easily accessible.

The pulpit is a sacred alter not a grande show stage
He appears briefly after worship time to tantalise the crowds with a short and powerful words and a display of God's power before hurriedly leaving before the end of the Church service. The psychology is "if you want people to follow you keep them yearning to be close to you, hoping that one day you will touch them or prophesy to them or heal them." Jesus' model is that a shepherd knows his flock and is close to it(John 10:3, Luke 15:1-7).

Even in a mega church you can still have the Jethro model of delagation such that everyone becomes part and parcel of something small.

4. The Wool-Sherpherd Model
The pastor takes the sheep to the best grazing fields like the good sherpherd.
Sheep are kept for their wool.
The difference, however, is in that his motive is that they have the best wool so he can sheer them. For him, the Church is a vibrant business. Prayers are done privately for the rich and the way to his heart is through gifts only. For him the pastoral work is a way to make a quick buck and when he sees crowds he does not see souls to be won but potential dollars. Ezekiel 34:1-10 speaks against such leadership. The Jesus model is that of loving people not their things.

5 Swindler Model
The pastor here is a thief through and through(John 10:1-2).
It's possible to have wrong motives as a pastor.
This is so because he first steals from God. he teaches about tithe and giving but does not live by that himself. He steals from Church coffers and is always involved in shaddy deals. He propes projects for his congregants only to swindle them of their hard-earned cash. the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus came to give life and it more abundantly; that is the Jesus model.
6. Cowboy-shepherd Model.
Unlike the Israelite shepherd who leads and the sheep follow, a cowboy drives the flock from behind. A genuine pastor leads by example but a cowboy expects the flock to live by standards that he himself does not.
Cowboys drive not lead.
He does not lead, he drives the flock(John 10:4-5). If you want people to give, give; if you want them to pray, pray yourself. It is a known fact that children will always listen and agree to what you say but will always do what you do!

In conclusion, I love you so much and encourage your powerful leader to keep following the Jesus Model.
Apostle Pride Sibiya
Picture By Life Moments Media. Apostle Pride Sibiya in Chipinge.

By Apostle Pride Sibiya

(Adopted from teachings by Archbishop Asa Gurupira)
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