I Am A Strong Christian But I Remain Poor Why? 22 Possible Reasons

Many of us thought that by just receiving Jesus Christ we would become rich. Have you ever considered that it is possible to fear God and still remain poor. Lazarus was one such godly but poor better. Yet Job feared God and was filthy rich! I choose the Job way? What of you?

Lack of finances does not necessarily mean you are weak spiritually or you are not a real Christian. Neither does having a wealthy life prove that you are godly. However it is God's desire for His own to prosper(Psalm 36:27). Jesus' death and subsequent resurrection has put a blessing on you. There are reasons which can stop you from prospering. Either 1 or more of these reasons may be at work in your life:

1. Not tithing: this closes Heaven and there will be no avenue for your blessing.

2. Not giving: while tithes open Heaven,offerings make God pour out a blessing.

3. Time factor: you cannot put seed to the ground and expect to reap the next minute.

4. Trial and test: sometimes God allows us to go through certain trials for Him to strengthen us and give us a testimony...no blind eye can be opened if no one never got blind. As you go through it character is moulded. However you cannot live in the wilderness all your life and call that a test.

5. Sign of prosperity: Satan always fights you directly in your area of calling. Joseph the ruler first became the slave, many people who have ministry to marriages face tough times in their own.

6. Obedience: when God tells you anything He is directing you to your prosperity, if you do not listen you take the wrong root. Even when He tells you to give sacrificially.
I Am A Strong Christian But I Remain Poor Why? 22 Possible Reasons
7. Seasons: there is a season for everything on earth...a time of abundance and of scarcity, whether we are spiritual or not. Wisdom is to save in times of abundance to live through scarcity.

8. Few streams: if you have less than 4 streams of revenue you remain poor. You cannot live below the standard Adam lived and think that your salary only will make you prosperous.
9. Laziness: diligence brings prosperity Proverbs 6:6-11

10. Lack of wisdom: you do not have proper insight into these financial issues or the business you venture into therefore make terrible mistakes. Before you do chickens have you studied them?

11. Generational curses: get to a servant of God and get deliverance right from your 4th generation.

12. Prayer: it never generates wealth but has power to make you the person God wants.
Salome G Tekenende.
Picture By Life Moments Media. Prayer Is Powerful. Salome G Tekenende.
13. The Word: the Word is the key to the world of wealth, it is the first seed before money, it maketh you prosperous Joshua 1:8

14. Mindset: the way you have programmed your mind concerning wealth may be wrong and needs serious reprogramming.

15. Seed: for everything you need, seed for it, there can never be harvest without seed.

16 Not budgeting... thanks to this you just make use of money without planning for it and "failing to plan is planning to fail!"

17. Not taking care of your parents: The blessing to longevity in life, in business, in prosperity is unlocked by taking care of both biological and spiritual parents.
Your Biological and Spiritual parents Hold God's Blessing Over Your Life. Take Good Care Of Them.
18. Prostitution: Opens doors to demonic infestation and soul ties with many people even those that the prostitute slept with. This leads to poverty as the Bible says, a prostitute will reduce you to a loaf of bread-Proverbs 7, 6:26,32.

19. Unhealthy diets: Christians need to be taught on proper eating coz many of their illnesses come from eating flashy but unhealthy food which leads to sicknesses...and hospital bills are something else!

20. Lack of submission to your leaders, spiritual covering, talking bad about leaders: This causes holes in the spiritual covering opening demonic doors into your life. Many faithful people in church make pastors feel bad when they notice they are being blessed...one of the issues is that the people talk ill about leaders.
21. Not ploughing back to the community: It is it that brought you up and gave you values.

22. Not taking care of the sick and prisoners: Taking care of these is taking care of Jesus Himself and gives you credit in Heaven-Matthew 25:31-46
Give And You will Be Given.
23. Not supporting missions: God's heart is for the lost and when you give to evangelism you touch His heart. He gives you so you can be a blessing to sinners.

24. Not giving to church building projects: Haggai 1:1-11 tells us that we are poor, in drought, hunger and thirst, in debt, because everyone is concerned about his/her own properties forgetting the house of the Lord. When you are concerned about God's house He is concerned about yours, when you build His, He builds yours!

25. Confession: Proverbs tells us that death and life are in the poor of one's tongue so whatsoever you continually confess will come to pass in your life. Do not confess poverty over your life, speak prosperity and life!

26. Lack of capacity: As long as you do not have capacity to receive mega bucks God will not give you. In 2 Kings 4 as long as the widow had capacity to take in oil, the oil kept coming. If God gives you that which you want do you have capacity to handle it?

Which ones are your chief culprits and how will you eliminate them? Halleluah!

Shout, I will never be poor again!

I love you all

Apostle Pride Sibiya.
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