I Am Good But Cannot Get A Woman To Marry: 20 Reasons You May Need To Deal With.

In all of us is a desire to reproduce ourselves at the right time in the right place called marriage. However there are a few things which may make the girl of your dreams to run away from you. 

A great wife comes from God, but you also need to make yourself ready for this blessing. Some of the reasons are not reasonable to men but I guess you just need to listen. Some I do not even agree to but ndozviripoka!

Here are some reasons which may/may not impede your relationship with your queen:

1. Spiritual attacks, spiritual wives and feminine spirits (spirits which act in the female gender/women spirits) in your life. Quickly look for deliverance.

2. Lack of vision. Women want security and are wired to look for a "head." When you are even sure of yourself or your future girls flee from you. You may not have money, but at least have a vision...zvinongorema kuroorwa nemusoro usina musoro!!! Kikiki! A lady asked a guy, when will you marry me, and he answered, when God wills.
I am Good But Cannot Get A Woman To Marry: 20 Reasons You May Need To Deal With.
3. Lack of money. This is not an issue if you have a clear-cut vision. To tell ladies that, money is nothing, so long love, is a huge put-off. Money is not love, love is not money but you need to show a woman your credible plan on how to take care for the family.

4. Taking too long without talking about a plan for marriage. Girls always have a hidden fear that they may not be married. The longer you take, the more agitated she becomes in the relationship especially when she feels the years are getting by and she is getting older and less marketable, kikiki. Ko akazondiramba after 8 years dzekudanana ndichitoramba vari serious.
5. Hydrophobia. Not a fan of bathing and self-grooming is a serious crime.

6. Foul smells and bad breath.

7. Being too serious ... girls love fun.

8. Too egoistic. A man that is too full of himself, whose every story is about himself, proud and pompous is boring.

9. Dependant. A guy is over-relies on parents, sisters and brothers is just not it.

10. Inferiority complex. To be good family leader you need some confidence. A man that is apologetic for every little thing displeases a woman. Women need a male confident voice that will guide them in life not yet another woman!

11. The showman. When you show off too much you are a put off. Do not over expose even your wealth

12. Liar ... lies put off women. You cannot love someone you cannot trust.
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13. Loverboy. In this day and age everyone is concerned about tthe safety of their health. There is nothing attractive in being everyone's boy.

14. The patriarchicalist/androcentric. Guys who think to be male is human and to be female is evil lose respect of girls. People who abuse women in any way become enemies to femininity. Hanzi mukadzi mutadzi, murume munhu!

15. Traditionalist. Some boys do not realise that culture is dynamic and refuse to move with the times has a difficulty.

16. Stingy guy. No-one ever expects you to folk out all your money for your lady but you also need to be a bit liberal with the lady you want. Women are wired to receive.
17. Religious fanatic. Religion kills, relationship with Christ brings life. Some people cannot even tell their lady how much they love them coz for them it is tantamount to worshipping a person...eating at a food court is worldly...this becomes too boring. Again, girls just wanna have fun!

18. Disrespectful. Do not just spite and talk ill against anyone and everyone. And better respect the lady's family.

19. The pornographic mind. For many girls a guy who deifies sex and asks for sex is a no-mo. Women want guys who love them not their legs. Ko ndikadimburwa gumbo uchadei iwe wakada gumbo?

20. What more do you have?

We pray that every young man may be responsible enough, be godly and live out a godly life that will lead to a great married life.

We love you so.

Apostle Pride and mama Anna Sibiya
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