Goblins Terrorise Women... Apostle Provides The Necessary Answers.

HAVE you ever heard someone say, “I always dream of snakes at night. And usually, there is a sexual encounter with the invisible reptile.” 

Sadly, this torment can be recurrent, whilst the victim elects to be silent for various fears.Newspapers have featured similar stories with screaming headlines like: Goblins terrorise women or goblin rapes owner’s wife. But one story remains outstanding,
Goblins Terrorise Women... Apostle Provides The Necessary Answers.
True life story:
“With tears in her eyes she retold her husband's spirits sexually abused her to the satisfaction of their owner. Margaret Dube, wife to the alleged owner of the zvikwambo (goblins), Malibeni Mhlanga claims she has lived the past decade under tormenting sexual abuse by the creatures owned by her husband. "I am very tired; I had a terrible previous night because his (Mhlanga's) chikwambo was hitting me hard doing sexual intercourse," she said. Asked to graphically describe the goblin and how it plays the lovers game, Dube said; "The goblin looks like a bird. Usually, it massages my feet before I fall dead asleep. In the morning, I woke up exhausted and having released the fluids which are usually released after sexual intercourse…"
Source B-Metro.

At least the victim elected to speak out. However, the greater number of people chooses to remain discreet whilst they suffer in silence. Martin Luther King Jr. summarise this anguish. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.” While Edmund Burke notes, “The only thing that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.”

Are you not a victim?
And maybe you are wondering why the beautiful girl next door is not finding love? Or probably why a seemingly healthy love relationship suddenly ended in a bitter divorce? The above scenarios may be symptoms of a malignant disorder causing turmoil in love relationships especially marriage, argues Apostle Pride Sibiya in his latest offering: How to Overcome Spiritual Spouses,” a concise expose on a worrying trend termed “spiritual spouses.”

Just like a viral ailment which leaves a trail of pain and suffering in its wake. The plague of spiritual spouses has left wrecks of broken marriages. But more disheartening is the silence among clerics in face of such plight. Few clergymen have delved into the subject matter. “How to Overcome Spiritual Spouses” is a unique collaboration of biblical excerpts and documented real-life experiences.

The booklet communicates the essentials ranging from an introduction titled “Are you suffering silently” to underlie the silence that leads to destruction that often engulfs the victims. And then the concluding chapter which highlights symptoms and then offers a prescription to effectively defeat this relationship-breaking condition.

According to Elder Vengayi Zano: “How to Overcome Spiritual Spouses” indeed qualifies as a concise encyclopaedia on a pervasive subject that societies have long grappled with and should be on the shelf of all those who seek the rewards of healthy relationships.” This booklet is dedicated towards God’s people suffering silently under the yoke of spiritual spouses.

Critical questions
It attempts to answer the following questions:
1. What is a spiritual spouse?
2. Does it operate in women only?
3. Can it destroy your virginity or make you pregnant?
4. What are the types of spiritual spouse?
5. What are the effects of having a spiritual spouse?
6. How do I overcome a spiritual spouse?

About the author Apostle Pride Sibiya is a graduate of the University of Zimbabwe and Domboshawa Theological College. He is well-known for his expository, simple and scriptural writings. His broad experience includes service as founder and President of Glory Ministries International, a Christian organisation consisting of a network churches within Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia and Botswana. He is a former lecturer, at distinguished seminary in Zimbabwe – a speaker and guest of honour at various platforms.

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