David Livingstone A God? MUST READ FOR LEADERS.

Always love people and this love will lead you to be involved. I am deeply moved by the life of Scott, David Livingstone who, at a later stage of his life, lived in the Great Lakes region just before succumbing to malaria (1873). 

He was a missionary turned pathfinder who  When he eventually passed on one of his African aides argued that, "Livingstone was no man, he was a god!" The aide did not literally mean that David was a god. Let me explain. Most African aides were considered as inhuman by other Europeans in general and other missionaries in particular.
David Livingstone A God?
They were seen as fearful "bosses." David Livingstone was different. He loved people with a passion. It was a great surprise to find in the human race, in the the pre-colonial era, a white man who would so love a black servant. David Livingstone's love for people therefore could not be interpreted as normal human language. It seemed his love was above the natural, it could only be equated to the love that a super-human being could give. Though human, Livingstone had a God-kind of love!

May God help me to love people more than anything minus God only! Many pastors will tell me that they are too busy. It’s true, this does happen but it is equally true that the real business or even busy-ness of a pastor i.e. the shepherd is his/her flock. I take time to personally visit my members, mainly the leaders since I cannot visit all the people in our ministry now with over 60 churches (2016) hence my sheep constitute mainly of the ministers under me and some influential leaders who I visit often and whom I expect to do the same to the other people in their fellowships.

When my pastors or spouses fall sick most of the times I am the first to be there simply because of the love of Christ in me. I may not have much to give but I can give love and care and I have realized that my presence is always cherished. When you fail please send an excuse and explain your absence with an envoy or by any other means and if possible make other arrangements. 1Th 2:18 Wherefore we would have come unto you, even I Paul, once and again; but Satan hindered us.
As an evangelistc missionary Livingstone failed to convert even one soul to Christianity before he then turned into a full-time explorer. Notwithstanding this he left a legacy of love, and for this, requested his heart to be buried in Africa.

I try but am still falling short. May God give us the agape kind of love.
By Apostle Pride Sibiya
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