5 Pre-Conditions For Effective Ministry

Being a Christian minister is more demanding than being a doctor. You can consult a doctor who has no good morale standing and have absolutely no problem with it but it is hard to be a pastor who beats his wife then counsel people not to do so. 
Arch-bishop Asa Gurupira
Picture By Life Moments Media. Arch-bishop Asa Gurupira is a father who teaches character as a bed-rock for ministry.
While in this day and age people have changed their focus from who you are to what you can do, god still maintains that it is more important to Him who you are more than what you can do. Heaven will not be attained by what we did but by whom we are, then after entering Heaven you can receive your rewards by what you did. I always say that your most important calling is not to be a pastor but to be a child of God.

1. Conviction 30%
Conviction is confidence, certainty, assurance Conviction is a characteristic that makes you unshakeable in the right thing that you have believed in, your principles, your faith. These are some of the characteristic traits of people of conviction:

• Not blown by every wind of doctrine
• They are Christ-like
• Abide in the Word
• Believer in Christ and have right relationship with God
• Endurance and courage
• Persistant
• Honest
• Determination

Three factors needed in developing your conviction are:
• True conversion
• Call
• Consistence with Scripture.

2. Character 25%
Character, your personality, the right way of living is the bed-rock of all Christian ministry. You cannot be effective in ministry when you preach the gospel yet live a life contrary to the gospel. Psychology has taught us that, people will always hear what we say but will follow what they see us doing.

Character is necessary for:
• Demonstrating your faith’s principles

• Role modeling
• Having an impact in ministry
• Portraying Christ.

Here are some indications of a good character:
• Ability
• Fearing God
• Trustworthy
• Hate dishonesty gain
• The fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22

3. Competence 20%
To be competent means to have the capability, the ability, skill, proficiency, the know-how or expertise to do something. Ministry is not a place where you go just because you hav failed inlife or because there is no other thing you can do in life. While competence does not mean competition, a minister must be well equipped with orientation, skills, knowledge. This means that tough God calls you, you still need to study to show thyself a workman approved! You need to go to school, to study, attend seminars in order to be a competent minister.
Apostle Pride Sibiya writes and speaks on Church Growth.
4. Contextual relevance 15%
A minister should be able to suit the conditions and people which he/she meets. Even if you want to teach about Christ you need to have a starting point that people understand.

5. Charisma 10%
Charisma means the giftedness, the captivation, the magnetism that charms people.

It may refer to speaking or doing something which you are fluent in and professionally do/know. When you do something like you were born to do it, people say you have charisma. Charisma may also refer to spiritual gifting.

It is unfortunate that many young people charisma is the sole important thing in ministry.

By Apostle Pride Sibiya.

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