15 Mistakes Pastor's Wives Should Be Careful Of Making.

If you really love your pastor's wife share this with her. The Church must be taught that many ministers spouses have not been trained like their spouses therefore should not necessarily be too critical at them.

We are all learners and still learning. Instead of destroying the mother God gave you, support her. The pastor's wife is the most targetted of all church criticisms and must be protected.

Young mama Murutis we love you daughters, never despair in this work, we are with you.

Here we show a few mistakes ministers spouses should avoid as they enter into ministry:
15 Mistakes Pastor's Wives Should Be Careful Of Making.
1. Thinking your hubby is the one who was called by God and not you. This will make you face frustrations in life. You may not be called in the same way your hubby was but you are called to be the pastor's pastor, that is a greater calling! You are called!
Church support mam Muruti, she is learning.

2. Do not go ahead of your hubby. Though you are the greater minister, before people do not go ahead of your hubby, rebuke him or correct or direct him before people.

3. Do not think every lady is after your husband. Many women disturb their hubbies by being overprotective and visibly warding off church women from their husbands when they are innocently seeking spiritual help. Church, learn to respect your pastor's marriage!

4. Not every woman is not after your husband. While not being overprotective, put systems that guard against your hubby falling for ladies who "want" him like being with him always to avoid the appearance of evil. Mai Mfundisi your husband is not Jesus, he sees cleavage like any other man, be around him to help him...not all ladies in Church are innocent...support your husband.
Church, do not put the Lord's anointed to the test...some fail!

5. Do not be unappreciative of efforts by people to do good. When people in church do good, pliz appreciate, even when they give you little.

6. Do not be a gossiper. This is very shameful. Be very confidential about people's issues and do not go about discussing these with other members.
Life Moments Media.
Picture By Life Moments Media. A pastors wife must not be involved in gossip.
7. Do not show favouritism. Every church has people you can easily like and the not-so-easy-to-like. You will have talkative and extra-quiet, smart and not so smart, those who give you stuff and those you never give, some who love you and some who wish you were not mam Muruti. Love all, that is agape!

8. Do not attack critics head on. People will speak against your hubby and ministry, some will try to destroy it. If you are wife of a pastor people, especially other women, will judge and criticise you of not measuring up, un-anointed et.al, do not go head on against them. You are the mother, do not demote yourself by stooping low to go head on against children, show them how it is done: just sow above the storm.

Church, just stop being a thorn in the flesh.

9. Do not be too close to male congregants. In as much as pastor is not Jesus, you too are not Mary, mother of Jesus. Most times your hubby is busy and fails to give you attention, being around males too much is tempting. Stay away.
Tatenda Mandebvu.
Picture By Life Moments Media. Even A Pastor's Wife Is Prone To Temptation. Tatenda Mandebvu.
10. Call people in line with culture. Do not call people by their first names when you know you are in a conservative African culture. It destroys respect.

11. Never think ministry is about money. It is interesting that Church is a cash-cow. If you want to be frustrated by ministry get into it thinking you will get rich quick. Ministry is about giving more than about receiving, make sure your motives are right. You came to serve not to be served.

12. Ministry is not about being, "boss lady," manicure and pedicure, et.al. When people suffer for years in ministry, their members acknowledge and begin to serve them, give them and all. Some young wives get into the ministry thinking I will be a trophy wife, sitted at the front with a Paris hat, Dubai costume ... kikiki. Church is not your empire, it is the house of God, you are here to work not to do manicure/pedicure. After years of diligent service you will be rewarded here on earth. Meanwhile if there is a chair to carry, please do!

13. Do not go about begging for food. If things are not well financially talk to your bishop/father or go and get a job. Do not beg, it destroys your image and send a bad pic of your family and ministry.
YOU church folks, take care of your pastors.

14. Never speak ill against your hubby, his work and ministry unless you are reporting to a superior. All people have problems. Maturity is to deal with these problems discreetly or with the help of superiors or else you will destroy your own marriage and the work of God.

15. Ignore family. Your family needs a mother not a pastor. Your hubby wants a wife not a pastor. Make sure you take good care of all the family needs and do not give ministry as an excuse of not providing family needs.

Church pliz give your pastors time to rest and be with the family. Send them to holidays if resources permit.

Basa raMwari ngariende mberi (let the work of God progress).

More wisdom coming. Are you with us?

We love you all.

Apostle and Mamma Sibiya.
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