Ministry Killers: Prophet Independant

The world over people have cried for total independence from seniors, colonial masters and even from the concept of God. Total independence is the way for them to move to the next level. Israel tried this and got Saul as a king only to cry over their independence...youths cry for it only to come home with tears on their cheeks.

Absolute independence promises absolute joy, yet there is nothing productive about it....Absolute power absolutely corrupts, one once said.
A number of ministers now use the Bible's pages as financial bank withdrawal slips.
Many ministers, when they get hurt by others choose the way of absolute independence. They proclaim: I will not hear anyone, God is my sole guide and my spiritual father! Wow, sounds very spiritual yet very immature.

It's something that tempts all of us to NOT have anyone:
-to ask you anything
-to report to
-to rebuke you
-to copy
-"boss" over you

Independence is the cry of many young ministers yet is leading to their downfall. You have non to ask you even when you:
-openly abuse church funds
-sexually abuse members
-do not read your Bible and don't pray despite the fact that you call others to do so
-you teach tithing and yet you don't
-call for a closer walk with Christ when you don't
-remain a prophet/minister and yet you are no longer a child of God.

In your silence, pomp and pride you are dying yet the masses celebrate you. You wiĺ die because of pride.
Is there wisdom in believing you can do all by yourself on your own?
You think, I am:
-the only one who is genuinely called of God
-God's most important prophet
-the most gifted
-the father of everyone
-the most anointed and decorated
hence you look down on everyone's work!

Satan tried this but according to Isaiah 14 instead of going up he went down. Be careful of absolute independence. It is good, the question is independence from who? Why?

I love you all.
Apostle Pride Sibiya
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