What Is A Father?

Greetings men of substance. 
A father is a source, nourisher, sustainer, supporter, founder and protector.
Being a father is a great priviledge that God has put on you. It is a special calling into ministry. Before you get into this ministry as father of your family, business, organization or whatever you will father you must know one thing. The one thing is that God is the Ultimate Father.
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I happen to be a father of my wife, who proceeded from me (Genesis 2:22) and three biological children. I call them the “4 As” since all their name abbreviations are As. Before I father these I must know that God is the ultimate father and I am simply an extension of the Fatherhood of God to my family. I am not an end in myself but I am an extension of God's fatherhood to them.

The ministry of a father is being the extension of the Father. It is being the correct and genuine representation of God the Father to my family and those around me! It is being the reflection of God. When my children hear that God is a Father, they must have no problems seeing what god is like and learning to love Him because of what they see in me! That is a tall order! We need the Holy Spirit!
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 This revelation changed my perspective of fatherhood. God is source of everything, He is the all-loving Father who brings us up in love. Though we sin daily from the day of Adam and Eve he has made provision for both our salvation and perfection AT HIS OWN COST! He is slow to anger but is merciful, gracious, long-suffering, and abounding in goodness, and truth, keeping mercy for thousands forgiving sin (Exodus 34:6). These are a few traits of God I must minister on the earth.
Being a father, the earth must never miss the physical presence of God, on the earth because the man, the father is here on the earth. Men should stand up to their calling and minister fatherhood!

From today may the earth never miss the fatherhood of God because, “…he who has seen me has seen the Father, so how can you ask, show us the Father?” (John 14:9).

The question is, are you being a true minister of God’s fatherhood on the earth?

Lord make me a minister, help me fulfill my calling in the ministry of fatherhood. Make me a genuine representation of You! In the name of Jesus. Amen.”

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