The Types Of Spiritual Spouses By Apostle Pride Sibiya

Many people are being delivered from spirit spouses. In my experience a spiritual spouse can be any of the following:

1. Chikwambo (goblin spirit). A goblin is a spirit that people buy in order to enhance their wealth. The spirit works spiritually and mysteriously to ensure its owner becomes prosperous. However to fully function the spirit will ask for two major things: animal or human blood at a stipulated time, and a husband or wife. The owner therefore selects a person, usually a relative, calls out their (victim’s) totem and name then dedicates the person as spouse to the spirit. From this point on the spirit claims that the victim is their spouse.

A young woman attended one of our meetings. As we prayed for her, thirty eight (38) goblins manifested and these were working for a relative to bring him agricultural success and protection from perceived enemies. The lady had been “handed over in marriage” to these goblins by a close relative. Njuzu, Mubobobo, Sexual Bluetooth
The Types Of Spiritual Spouses By Apostle Pride Sibiya
2. Ngozi (Avenging spirits). This spirit stands in the stead of someone who was either unfairly treated before death or murdered. When this grievous act is committed the spirit claiming to be that of the murdered person will ask for certain payments in order to revoke its vengeance. The spirits gain charge over your family after the blood of the deceased cries for vengeance before God (Genesis 4: 10-12) leaving you spiritually uncovered. Depending on the gravity of the crime the spirit may ask for a number of cattle and a spouse. The spouse request usually happens where the murdered person was not married. A young man or lady may then be committed to this spirit with their full knowledge through proper rituals or sometimes without their knowledge and consent. I prayed for a lady who would have a bulging tummy in a day like that of a nine month pregnant woman. The spirit represented a woman who was killed whilst she was pregnant. It wanted the lady to have a spiritual baby by the husband of the deceased. Automatically there was a spiritual connection between the lady and the husband of the deceased.

3. Mubobobo (sexual blue-tooth). This happens when someone wishes to have a sexual encounter with someone but for some reason decide they will not physically approach the person. They then traditionally medicate themselves to have a spiritual sexual encounter with someone without the express consent of the victim. This may happen when the victim is conscious or unconscious. A lady we once stayed with would just feel sleepy at any hour of the day then sleep for a few minutes only to wake up tired after dreaming of a sexual encounter. We prayed and a spiritual husband manifested. It would make her feel sleepy anytime it wanted to have sex.

4. Nyanza (water spirits). These are marine or water spirits. Mermans marry themselves to women on the earth while mermaids hunt for men. These spirits come from water bodies like dams, seas and oceans and are usually responsible for bareness in many people. Do you frequently dream in water bodies having a wedding? Do you dream these spirits having sex with you? Do you dream being pregnant, only to hand over the baby to a woman in the sea? There is a great possibility that these spirits are fighting you. A young high school student had non-stop hemorrhaging just before her exams. Everyone thought it was because of panic until we prayed over her and she manifested marine mermans who claimed that she was their queen-wife chosen to give birth to a satanic king. Jesus has set her free now. Though very strong, Jesus is greater than Leviathan(Job 41:1,10)

5. Mudzimu (ancestral spirits). 
These spirits are considered good spirits by most people who believe that they are the spirits of their deceased beloved ones. These spirits come into the family through the bringing-back-home ceremony, kurova guva or umbuyiso. This is a ceremony where the spirit of a dead person is supposedly brought back into the family. Be careful of the deception of the devil. Ecclesiastes 9:5 says:

“For the living know that they shall die, but the dead know not anything neither have they reward…also their love and their hatred and their envy is now perished, neither have they any portion forever in anything that is done under the sun.”

These are bad spirits and can ride on the acceptance and respect offered them by the family. A woman walked up to me on an alter-call and told me that her dead husband had returned to continue their love affair. She said they were having enjoyable sex but she just felt something was wrong somewhere. We prayed and the spirit using the name and image of the deceased manifested. It was nothing but a spiritual husband.

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