The Secret Of Improving Ability To Hear God.

This one is a secret and am hoping you wont tell anyone. Jokes!

My wife and some of her sisters have similar voices. Before I married her I had difficulties discerning between their voices. I still remember when my wife had no mobile phone and I had to call on her sister’s cell-phone. I would battle in mind not knowing who exactly I was talking to. Their voices were so similar.
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 Today we have been married for almost twelve (12). We spend most our time together day or night. When my wife calls me from a different phone my question now is never, “may I know who is speaking…is this mainini (wife’s younger sister)?” I know who is at the other end of the phone without prior notification. I also do the same with many people who work around me. My secret in my sharp ability in discerning my wife’s voice is in that, I have been with her long enough and close enough to pick out her voice.

The same is true of hearing God’s voice. The voice of God is heard better by those that have a strong relationship with him and stay long enough, live close to Him and spend quality time with Him. There is absolutely no magical way of doing it except if you already carry a strong prophetic gift.

By Pride Sibiya

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