The 15 Qualities Of Christian Leadership

Over my 21 years in ministry (2016), I have learnt a few things about Christian leadership. Here are some qualities:

1. Love. A leader must genuinely love the led. People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care(J Maxwell). Leadership is to develop others not to manipulate them.

2. Vision. This is what sets a leader apart. Without a vision people perish(Prov 29:18) so the leader must have a clear-cut vision(Habakuk 2:12)

3. Influence. Leadership is not about a position but about the power of your influence.

4. Confidentiality. A leader must protect certain info about the organisation and info that people disclose to them.

5. Hospitable. Be able to welcome others and have an aura of pleasantness around you not to be a feared leader.

6. Self-control. Be able to control yourself when certain passions arise like sexual appetites, anger, pride, the love of money.
The 15 Qualities Of Christian Leadership
7. Not lover of money. Jesus did not die to give you a job, love God more than money. Money easily becomes idolic. Never do unholy things, just to get money.

8. Good family manager. You cannot control everything around your family but you can set a great example for family to follow. Isaiah says he and his family are signs and wonders(Isaiah 8:18).

9. Not a drunkard. Scriptures bear witness to the detrimental effects of alcohol abuse in decision making.

10. Respectable. A leader must be respected by those in and out of the organisation. This is the power of influence outside your organisation.
11. Knowledgeable. Knowledge is power, a leader must know a bit of different disciplines.

12. Mature in faith. Not a recent convert so that pride may not destroy them. They must be mature in faith, not moved to and fro by every wind of doctrine. A leader must have deep faith in God.

13. Integrity. Means to be whole, full. It means, "walk the talk" and "talk the walk!" A leader must be trustable and disciplined. Before you conquer the world, conquer yourself(J O Sanders). Leaders must not be lazy and disorganised.

14. Submission. Before anything in leadership you must be led. You have to be accountable to someone. "Absolute power, absolutely corrupts," one once said. Sanders says, many who aspire to lead fail because they never learnt to follow!

15. ... what is your indispensible character of leadership???

I love you all leaders!

Apostle Pride Sibiya - Bishop: Glory Ministries
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