Signs Of Stress

Here are a few signs that may signal that you are having some stress:

Insomnia-struggling to fall asleep, sleeplessness, restlessness or wakefulness.
Struggling to stay asleep
Muscle tension
Constant fatigue-tiredness, weakness, low energy or exhaustion.
High blood pressure
Recurrent stomach problems
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Emotional/ Mental
Being constantly short tempered
Close to tears all the time
Struggling to concentrate
Struggling to make a decision
Feeling that you can not cope
Loss of libido-loss of sex drive
Changes in appetite
Drinking and/ or smoking more to get through the day

You cannot pray
You cease your devotional time of prayer and Bible study
You hate meeting with others in church

You suspect that everyone is against you
You speak rudely with others
You answer people in a bad way
You interpret even good things done to you in the wrong way

You spend without budgeting
You have financial confusion
You cease to give

If you have these signs please seek urgent help from professionals or from a local pastor?

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By Pride Sibiya
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