Manifestations Of Fatherless-ness

Thank God for you man of substance!

Did you know that fatherlessness is a curse? And fatherlessness brings a curse to a nation? When David prayed against his enemy he asked that his children be made fatherless(Psalm 109:9). 

That was a serious curse on his enemy. In the 80s I saw a film entitled, "Children Of The Corn." Children rose up to destroy all parents because of a satanic call that hunger had befallen a nation because of parents.
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Picture By Life Moments Media. A father is a blessing in all nationalities and generations.
 Can you imagine what would be the earth if there was no God the Father. There would be no earth nor life because all of it is sustained by the word of His power(Hebrews 1:3). Everthing would just crumble. Now as the ministers of God’s fatherhood on the earth, men must know that their absence from responsibility makes the world crumble.

Here are some disturbing statistics provided by Myles Munroe:
- Children in father-absent families are five times more likely to be poor

- Infant mortality rates are 1.8 times higher for infants of unmarried mothers tham for married ones

- Youths in father-absent families are more prone to incarceration and jail.

- Drug abuse is more frequent where there is no father

- Being raised by a single mother raises risk of teen pregnancy

- Fatherless children are twice most likely to drop out of school than those with a father.

- Fatherless children have double the chances of suffering physical, emotional or educational neglect.

- Prostitution is propelled by men who do not give attention to their daughters then come back to pay them for sex.

I could go on and on these manifestations of fatherlessness. I just think we as men should reconsider and restore ourselves in the calling and mandate God has given us.

Most of the problems we have on this earth are just manifestations of fatherlessness. Politicians, pastors, priests, transporters, intellectuals, technocrats, and all men in general…let us answer the call of being the genuine representation of the Fatherhood of God and our earth will be a better place.

“Lord, help us to be real fathers who will not allow the devil to wreck the earth you gave us while we stand aside and look or become partners with him. We receive Jesus Christ and the Fatherhood anointing on us and we will father this earth in Jesus name. Amen.”

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