Just Six (6) Disadvantages Of Rejecting Christ!

There are over 200 disadvantages I can give you that come with not having Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour. 

Here are just a few:

1. Hell. Rejecting Jesus means embracing satan and all he has to offer. Jesus is the door into God's Kingdom, when you reject Him you have just signed your Hell-Visa! John says that if you do not believe you are already condemned.

2. Satan's property. When you reject God, you are satan's private property, infact you are like his handkerchief that he uses to clean his mess at will. This cannot be debated on coz you chose to be his property.
Just Six (6) Disadvantages Of Rejecting Christ!

3. Dumbness. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. The fool saith in His heart there is no God. A life that rejects Christ is full of darkness. You are not only cut from wisdom but all resources of Heaven are inaccessible. The "wise" men from the East sought Jesus, the wise men of today seek Jesus.

4. Satan's disposal. You are constantly at satan's disposal. Infact you live off satan's "goodkwill" coz if he just says go mad now, unotomhanya bani, coz you have absolutely no protection over your life.

5. Abuse. Demonic spirits use you at will. Some have their images used by witches, wotonzi unoroya iwe hauroye, some till witches and wizards fields at night, some provide transport for them semabhiza, some are sexually abused coz you have rejected protection in Christ.

6. Peace. No matter how much wealth you amass in life there are things that can never be bought but simply come as God's blessing.

You choose a spouse - God gives genuine love.
You buy a bed - sleep comes from on High.
You buy clothes - proper fitting comes from God
You buy food but you cannot buy appetite.
You have all around you but Peace comes from the Prince of Peace! You need Jesus!
Yes dear beloved, we all need Jesus in our lives. Start now by praying this prayer to receive Him: "Lord God, thank you for sending us a Saviour, I repent of all my sin and ask that Jesus would be Lord and Saviour of my life. Cleanse me by your blood and fill me with your Spirit, in Jesus' name. Amen."

Do these four things:
1. Attend a Bible-believing Church
2. Read your Bible
3. Pray
4. Share your testimony of receiving Christ with someone and me.

Bless you.

Apostle Pride Sibiya.
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