Effects Of Having A Spiritual Spouse By Apostle Pride Sibiya

Spiritual spouses have a number of undesirable effects that come with their association with you. I must, however, be quick to say that having some of these effects does not necessarily mean that you have a spiritual spouse.

Here are some of the effects which may also be used as symptoms of the presence of a spiritual husband:

1. Extreme sexual dreams. It is only fair to say any averagely sane and normal person will have a sexy dream once in a while due to the environments we stay in and our body hormones. However, it’s also important to know that the oppression of a spiritual husband will lead to extreme sexual dreams, some of which feel too real to just dismiss. A family I prayed for had all the women in the family having dreams in which the same “man” in one night would sleep with them. The father of the family almost cried as he narrated how his wife, daughters and daughters-in-law are all terrorised every night by that spirit. Do not take these extreme dreams lightly.
Effects Of Having A Spiritual Spouse By Apostle Pride Sibiya
Effects Of Having A Spiritual Spouse By Apostle Pride Sibiya
2. Spirit of rejection. A spiritual spouse is usually very emotional about its victim. It is very jelousy and does not want to share the victim with anyone. As a result it fights tooth and nail to ward off any prospective suitors. When someone feels they love you the spirit ensures that they will just feel that something is wrong with you and so cannot continue in a relationship that will lead to marriage. A beautiful lady seems ugly to men because of the presence of a spiritual husband. It can cause a person to have foul breath or smell badly, for example.

Spiritual spouses can cause you to be unable to love a serious partner or maintain an affair for marriage. I was talking to a lady who told me that she only gets serious with married men. When an unmarried suitor shows her real love she just cannot love him. Apart from some bitterness with her past boyfriend she also had a spiritual husband. This shows it can also make you reject a serious suitor. Usually when the spirits manifest they swear that they will never leave their wife or husband. It takes the power of the Holy Spirit to destroy their hold on your life.

3. Sickness and misfortune. Gynaecological problems top the list. A while ago I prayed for a lady who was so sick and skinny, just laying my hands on her took a lot of faith. She whispered that, it started when she got married and was about to be handed over to her husband. We realised that there was a sickness in her body but there was also a spirit.

Another lady’s fiancĂ© did not show up on the day of marriage. He had visited a sangoma with his family. This is because as he was going to marry he saw a “bird” which hit him in the face and disfigured his face around his lips and cheek. When I prayed for the girl, a spirit husband confessed to “hitting” the young man. It’s unfortunate that the lady did not continue following Christ and is still in the same predicament. Tobit 6:14 tells us that spiritual spouses can have fatal effects:

“According to the story I heard, a demon killed them. He doesn’t harm Sarah, but he kills every man who tries to get near her...”

4. Disputes in marriages. Some people fail to love or respect their spouses for, seemingly, no apparent reason. This may signal the presence of a spirit spouse. A lady wedded and went for honeymoon. As the husband begun to fondle her she responded in a male voice and refused to be touched outrightly. She asked him, “how can you touch another man, are you a homosexual?” The lady had actually manifested. The husband ultimately got his lobola (bride price) back. Sometimes a spiritual spouse will manifest and cause a woman it inhabits to challenge her own husband or a spiritual wife makes a husband to be too girlish. Many of the people under their bondages feel an evil hatred for their legal spouses that they cannot explain.

5. Low sex drive. This is a low urge to have sex. Whilst many psychological and medical reason can easily account for this sometimes it is because of the presence of a spiritual spouse. An averagely sane and healthy middle-aged person is expected to have some form of sex drive. A certain man would always dream having sex with a woman. After this he would not even want to have sex with his wife because all his sexual prowess would be diminished. It is obvious that a spiritual spouse being spiritual is more potent than a mere carnal person…your earthly carnal spouse cannot compete against the spiritual. That is why it is important to be a child of God, one born of the Spirit so that you also become spiritual. This happened until deliverance was ministered to him.

6. Sexual looseness. In the attempt to destroy every prospect of you finding a life partner, a spiritual spouse may set a loose your sexual instincts. This causes you to have a bad image as you become promiscuous if you have not learnt the art of self-control. Some become so promiscuous that they become male and female prostitutes. Have you ever questioned why you are so promiscuous yet your heart desires a good marriage?

7. Impotence, bareness and related problems. Spiritual spouses, often cause these problems in order to deter your spouse or a happy marriage. In a case I dealt with, a spiritual husband was responsible for causing ectopic pregnancies (where an embryo is implanted in another place other than the uterus).
8. Homosexuality or lesbianism (Romans 1:26-27). Sometimes when spiritual spouses fail to stop your personal sexual instincts for the opposite sex they would rather divert it to your own sex. They would rather share you with another of your same sex than let a rightful partner have you.

A lady wrote me recently and this may be a short summary of the effects of spiritual spouses. This is part of her letter: “…I am nineteen (19) years old…I always get boys who seriously want to marry me but I get harsh and ward them of throwing tantrums. Some I just leave for no apparent reason. I dream having sex with many men. I wake up and feel the edge to have sex and though I have someone I sleep with I have no emotion whatsoever and feel nothing. I prefer my pillow. Pastor I am being used by evil spirits and thinking of killing myself. I only feel something when I engage my pillow and actually reach orgasm. Many men want to wed with me but I am destroying all my prospects of the intended marriage. My family cannot help me because all of them do not believe in spiritual husbands.”

All these effects can be reversed and overcome only through the power of Jesus Christ. Having said it all the remaining question is, how can we overcome these evil spirits?

Off a book by Pride Sibiya, How To Overcome Spiritual Spouses.

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