God Speaks: Latest Revelations from God to Apostle Pride Sibiya [Part 2]

By Apostle Pride Sibiya

On 31 December, 2015, during our Crossover Night at Bethel Worship Centre, I promised congregates that I had more revelations that I would share during the course of the year.

Today, I reveal a few concerning our nation, Zimbabwe, our church Glory Ministries and its members.

Here is part 2 of the prophecies.

Mega prosperity

Why all this back and forth from mega prosperity to financial lack, oh Lord? God said, like He said through His prophet Haggai: 2:6-8. He told me: “Tell my faithful ones not to fear anything because a spirit of fear has gone even to the kings of the earth because of what I am doing. Gold and silver is mine.
God Speaks: Latest Revelations from God to Apostle Pride Sibiya
It is time to shake the faith foundations of mankind and take wealth to my faithful ones to accomplish what I desire. The coming of my Son is nigh and nations will be troubled. For them that fear Me, it shall be well with them.”


Deborah, arise!

God will raise a powerful woman within Glory Ministries. She will be very prophetic and strong in deliverance. God has found mercy for us and the daughter will raise the ministry to another level. She will challenge the world in such a way that I will actually be called to higher platforms because of her ministry.

This will also raise a host of other women ministers who will be dedicated in the Lord’s work and will conquer nations for Christ. I wish you could see what I am seeing – church ichanakidza iyi (Exciting times are coming).

In South Africa, God will raise partners for the ministry. I saw in the coming years, business people bringing money to our South African church. Make sure you are building on the right foundation – and build well.

Lion heart
For those in business, God told me to encourage you to have a heart of a lion. Be brave – take your chances and move to the next level. Never give up –it will be hard but before you know it, you will be at the top. Do not live in sin and always practice God's principles.

For individual prophecies I will inbox those that God has spoken about directly. Please pray for me I am seeing too many things but I encourage you to be strong. God has not abandoned you.
Sin not
I am calling the church to order – leave immaturity and move to perfection. I am calling all my sons and daughters in all nations to unite and fight for what God spoke to us. Remind God His word and destroy meetings, schemes and evil infiltration against Glory Ministries.

Hold on to God. Sin not, if you do confess. Preach to all about Christ. Ignore ‘spiritual handouts’ without Christ. Many of them have wrong foundations and are not registered nor recognised in Heaven.

Pray for baba and amai Guti and the Chisango family in this battle. Pray for me and mama too. Release angels of warfare. What we are facing is spiritual and is not engineered by a person.
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