God Speaks: Latest Revelations from God to Apostle Pride Sibiya [Part 1]

By Apostle Pride Sibiya

On 31 December, 2015, during our Crossover Night at Bethel Worship Centre, I promised congregates that I had more revelations that I would share during the course of the year.

Today, I reveal a few concerning our nation, Zimbabwe, our church Glory Ministries and its faithful members.

Here are some of the prophecies.

Devil at work
On 20 April, 2016, God commanded me to wake up and engage in spiritual warfare. I did exactly that. At the end, He showed me a meeting. In the meeting were anti-Christ and Satanists discussing Glory Ministries. They said that if they did not stop it, it would destroy them and grow like other prominent churches.

Their strategy was to plant churches which would be ‘similar to Glory Ministries’ in order divert unsuspecting members to join those ministries and frustrate them to abandon God because of scandals in those churches. These Satanists dislike our members and their own churches.
God Speaks: Latest Revelations from God to Apostle Pride Sibiya
God Speaks: Latest Revelations from God to Apostle Pride Sibiya
They devil intend to scatter and make souls backslide thereby frustrating ministers within Glory Ministries. Members were being encouraged to engage in back-biting and speak ill about their pastors. Marriages were being fought because in the spiritual foundation of Glory Ministries, ‘strong marriages’ are part of our foundation.

Dear members, I counsel you. If you have been involved in this repent and do not follow what the devil. There will be a great fall and people will wonder what happened to those who seemed invincible. God is arising with judgment. You will hear scandals that cannot be denied.

Vanhu veGlory chaivo garai pamakanzi naMwari mugare – this is your church (Glory members, stay put where God has called you). Vasiri regai vaendewo kwavakanzi naMwari vaende (Those deserting us, let them go, God has instructed them).

Every pillar and those utilising their gift in church will be attacked but God will allow this for a short season. Nyangwe Jehovah akasatirwira musabvume kunamata zvifananidzo zvendarama (Even if God seems to forsake us, never worship idols).

Cold weather
I saw cold weather and like I prophesied at Bethel, lack of finances is coming. The Lord told me to tell Glory children to go indoors to be spared from the financial cold. When I asked how, He said: “Everyone must sell something because it will be hard until a foreign nation intervenes on behalf of the nation.”
My children please listen to God not just the media. Those in South Africa, I saw God outstretching the grace of properties but none was geared to respond. God said: “I am still waiting!”

Happy 50th assembly Glory Ministries

The spiritual building of our church has surpassed the foundation. In the midst of all the attacks, even the angels acknowledged that it is going well. Thanks to your hard work! By His grace, we now have 50 assemblies. Happy 50 churches Glory Ministries! Varikushandira Mwari muchataurwa asi musanete kunekorona. (People will gossip about you, don’t despair).
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