Law of Legal Grounds and Causes

It is very important to take note of the fact that spiritual wars, unlike physical wars, are almost always won more on the basis of authority and not only power. 

Power is the ability to do the work at hand, while authority is the license to carry out the work. A small policeman clad in her uniform has the authority to stop a powerful and loaded truck. She has less power but has the authority. If the truck driver bulldozes his way through it is illegal and a crime. You may have the money and great reasons to own a gun, but as long as you do not have the license for it, the police force has the legal right to disposes you (of the gun which carries the status of power) and arrest you, and you reserve the right to remain silent.
Law of Legal Grounds and Causes
 The same is true in the spirit. When you have Jesus you have the power of God but do you have to have a right relationship with God that validates your authority? As long as the policewoman is submitted to the police commissioner she has the authority. If she runs away from the force she has no authority whatever to represent the State. The same is true with the Kingdom of God! The law of legal grounds goes further goes on to say that spirits make an appeal to Justice that as long as there is something of their own with you they should not be forced to leave by whatever power, the power of God included. That is legal grounds.

I prayed for a person with the same anointing I do to others and the spirits left but came back many times unil they told me that the person was habouring certain artifacts that belonged to them. I was casting out a demon from a person who was bewitched for taking someone’s husband. The spirit told me that it would go because I was a servant of God but since there was a cause (for more on causes read the chapter on the power of a curse) or a legal ground it would go to her home and wait there therefore re-enter. As we journey through life we do certain things or acquire certain things which are demonic.
As long as we do not confess these things and do away with them total deliverance will not come no matter how much we fast and pray or nomatter who prays for you. Jesus himself told people not to sin again lest a worse thing would befall them. James tells us to confess our sins one to another for the forgiveness of sins so that we may be healed. If you ever mingled with demonic things you need to dispose them. Some of us keep machira emudzimu,machira emashavi,matombo emuteuro.

Some go to the extent of designing our houses with alcoholic drinks, demonic faces, artifacts from occultic places, take in zvikwambo, money making and luck inducing charms. All of these provide a legal ground for demons to make an appeal to the spirit for a space in your house and life. Demons, initially do not even need a big place to operate, they just need a foothold, a small place to put just a foot. Give no such place to the devil. Eph 4:27 Neither give place to the devil. If you have any such thing of the devil mak it a pint you quickly ask for help from a servant of God so that those things may be destroyed. Some of the things, you cannot destroy alone and without prior counselling and protective prayer, lest the spirits attack you for breaking their covenant (without proper protection)
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