Devices and Strategies Of The Devil - The Use Of Fear.

Main Scripture: 2 Corinthians 2:11 - “Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices”.

You must always understand that no matter how much you may try to work or please the devil, he will never like or appreciate you primarily because of the following two reasons:

  1. Because you are made in the image of God – hence you consistently remind him of the person whom he tried to overthrow and lost the battle dismally, culminating in him being thrown out of heaven onto the earth.
  2. Because you have dominion on earth – for this is the place that the devil also targeted to rule and be king over, but unfortunately God created man in His image and likeness and gave him dominion on earth.
Devices and Strategies Of The Devil - The Use Of Fear.
Devil The Strategist
You must also understand that the devil is not that small as you picture him. He is very wise in everything that he does, and always remember he has been around on this earth more than any other human being you can think of.
  • In all those years the devil has been using many strategies to promulgate sin into this world and his victims include some of the highest respected persons, be it bishops, apostles, pastors, presidents etc.
  • In fact, in all the natural set-up no one can be wiser than the devil.
  • And now being such a strategist, one of the devices/strategies that the devil uses is to instill FEAR in you.
  • As a child of God, it is important for you to understand that GOD does not instill fear in people. Even those who worship HIM have never been forced to worship HIM, but instead do it out of their love of HIM.
  • The strategy of fear has taken most Christians away from the presence of God, and sadly fear is also being promulgated from “pulpits” where some servants of God are busy threatening people with curses or seeing “graves, deep holes in front of people”.
  • Fear advocates for hatred, revenge, bitterness and witchcraft, and again we have seen even some respected servants of God practicing these things.
For example, you hear a servant of God shouting “I curse you, back to sender (which sender? Because a fellow human being cannot be a sender of witchcraft, but instead an agent being used by the devil). And remember, God hates the death of a sinner, so by advocating for a goblin to kill its owner you are actually going in direct contrast with the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • When Jesus Christ faced all the challenges He simply overcame them by love and the word of God.
Devices and Strategies Of The Devil - The Use Of Fear.
Fear causes the following into people:
(1) Lose power.
(2) Lose Love.
(3) Cause Confusion, (Romans 8:15; 1 Corinthians 14:3; 1 John 4:18).

Can I submit to you that when you want to fight the shark in water, then you are making a very big mistake but instead the strategy is to lure it out of water and strike it dead on dry land.

The devil swims high and powerful in waters of instilling fear, hatred, revenge, animosity, bitterness and witchcraft, and if you try to use the same then you are doomed to lose the battle. You may end up being a “witch speaking in tongues”.

Take for example, a girl is bathing in a rural bathroom and an insane person comes and picks up all her clothes and begins to run away with them. The most noble thing to do is to simply shout for other people outside to bring her new clothes to wear while she is still in the bathroom. But now, if she retaliates and begins to chase the insane person in the streets while she is running naked, when people see that what would they say????? The answer is simple: An “insane person” is chasing a normal person, yet the naked one is the normal one. So you see, never try to match the devil at his game, instead throw love and he becomes totally insignificant under that atmosphere.
  • It is IMPOSSIBLE for the devil to love anyone, even himself. It is just IMPOSSIBLE.
Faith or Fear Both Comes By Hearing:
Even prophecies that we hear in church, some of them actually instills fear into people yet according to the Bible prophecies are to:
(1) Edify.
(2) Inspire.
(3) Bring comfort.

  • Now if prophecies induce fear they it becomes divination (kuuka).
  • If you go to a witchdoctor’s house, you are asked to take-off your shoes or else….???? That’s fear.
  • Now as you get inside the “office of the witchdoctor”, what kind of decorations to do you see???? Animal skins, dead tortoise carcasses, snake skins, skulls of baboons, buffaloes, dried carcasses of lizards and many other fiery things. All these are meant to induce fear, and the most terrible thing is that there is no witchdoctor who tells you anything positive. 
  • It’s all about I have seen you dead, your mother is bewitching you, your aunt killed your husband (when probably it’s clear he died of HIV/AIDS).
  • Never will a witchdoctor tell you this is cancer, or I have seen you being blessed by twins by God... NEVER. NEVER… It’s all about inducing fear.

Message delivered by: Apostle Pride Sibiya
Senior Pastor. Bethel Worship Centre. Office: Call/App: +263779479880

May God help us to understand the strategies of the devil so that we can do the opposite and overcome him.
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