Do You Worship God From Home! Then Read This.

Totally amazed at people who claim to worship God at home without a leader or even the fellowship of the saints. 

Many times Jesus hurt because he saw people without a shepherd.
Do You Worship God From Home! The Read This.
  1. Could we be more wider than God who sends ministers to lead us?
  2. What is God saying when He says, do not forsake the assembling together of saints Hen 10:25
  3. Are we the best judge's to sit and give a verdict on God's ministers and church?
  4. Will you bury yourself? 
  5. Will you baptise yourself?
  6. How will you eat the Eucharist which is supposed to be Communion? How do you commune with yourself?
  7. Jesus knew the wickedness of the Pharisees yet it was his custom to be in church (Luke 4:16). Whose custom do you follow?
  8. The early church continued in the apostles doctrine and fellowship(Acts 2:42). What are you continuing in?
  9. Whose elder will you call when you are sick? (James 5:14)
  10. If you fail to hear the Church are you still a Christian? (Matthew 18:17)
  11. Where do you use your spiritual gift?
  12. Where do you tithe and give?
  13. Where are you accountable.
  14. How will you hear the declarations of Jesus? (Hebrews 2:12)
  15. Will you baptise yourself? 
  16. Will you ordain yourself?
Just asking?
Numbers 27:16: "Let the Lord the God of all spiritspf all flesh set a man over the conhregatipnwho may go in before them who may lead them out and bring them in that the congregation of the Lord may not be like sheep without a shepherd."
Bless You!

Be in Church!
Apostle Pride Sibiya
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