To Reach Your Goals This Year, You Should Do These 6 Steps...

Well 2015 is here and if you like it or not, your unfinished goals from last year are still here too.

 The only reason they made it this far is because they’re still on your list of things to do. Now it’s time to stop procrastinating and get some of those goals accomplished.

Break Down Your Goals Into Specific and Attainable Ones
When the New Year comes in, we tend to set goals that are too vague or very general. You have to get specific. Break down the goal to what it is you specifically want to attain by accomplishing it. Set a date of completion and make it attainable. If you want to sell 1 million books, that’s great but let’s start by selling the first 100, okay?
To Reach Your Goals This Year, You Should Do These 6 Steps...
Have An Action Plan
When we are working on a project or a task or tackling something on our to do list, it’s never just what’s on the list.We tend to add so many things to the task that we fail to ever get started on the one we set out to do. Stop looking at the mountain of stairs and think about the step in front of you. Each task should be broken down (like in step 1) to get you closer to your ultimate goal. Take it one at a time before moving to the next step in your plan.

Partner Up/Network With People
Sometimes just “thinking” that you can do all the work yourself is too much to handle. So why try to do it all on your own? Try to connect with people of like minds and, in some areas, excelled capabilities to help you get your tasks done. I always say “instead of having 1 person do 100% of the work, get 100 people to do 1% each.” (And yes, that does equal 100%).

Be Prepared for Obstacles
Back in the tenth grade I read John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men” for my English class. I wasn’t the biggest fan of reading at the time but I did affix a quote to myself from it. One of the best quotes I’ve read in it was, “the best laid plans of mice and men, often go astray.” So true indeed. This quote helped me understand that no matter how hard you plan and how much you think ahead, when the time comes to take action something will go wrong. Things never go as planned so expect them not to. Be prepared and be proactive in anticipating the challenges that may arise.

Do Not Think Failure is not an option. Failure is an Option and so is Success 
You have to decide what your option will be. What you know you should be doing but in turn don’t do at all, is a key example of failure being an option. An option you choose by not doing what you should be doing to achieve your goal. Let me be clear, even if you do the things you planned but still don’t reach your goal doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It just means you may have some tweaking to do before your success. Find out what it is early and adjust. “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” (Thomas A. Edison)

Be Decisive in Your Choices
I can’t say it any clearer. Be decisive. Take out all of the excess remnants of other peoples opinions that aren’t helping you achieve your goal. Remove all the excess “fluff” when people are explaining things to you and train your mind to get to the point of it, so you can make a logical decision. Try the Cost-Benefit Analysis which asks “What will it cost me? How will I benefit? and What is the risk? If the benefit can’t outweigh the other two factors then the decision is easy… you don’t do it. See? That wasn’t hard. Now apply it to all your future decisions. One more thing, when I say “cost”, I’m not just talking about money, the most valuable aspect you have in life is your time. Spend it wisely.

Shaheim says… to use these 6 steps to make 2015 a productive year. I’ll see you at the top.
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