Thursday, 12 April 2018

Men: Love A Million Women OR A Woman A Million Ways?

Be faithful to your own wives. If you think you can keep going for every woman you desire; you will never have enough because every woman has something desirable. 

It is like going into a hotel with all types of foods and you decide you want to eat all foods, you will just end up sick. No one gets enough of wine if you think you can mix all wines, the best way to enjoy wine is to drink just one type that you really love and enjoy it forever. 
Men: Love A Million Women OR A Woman A Million Ways?

It is upon you to make a decision to stay faithful for the sake of the woman you love. It is up to you to treat one woman like a QUEEN. A Kingdom with more than one queen is divided and soon it will fall.
Loving a million women amounts to nothing but loving one woman in a million ways makes you great. There is a lot of happiness in faithfulness. It is fulfilling to love one woman above all women. A rolling stone gathers no moss, and a man who keeps wandering from one woman into another never finds happiness in life ... MAKE A HAPPY HOME MY BROTHERS.

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